There’s A Cure for All but One

Fire can be extinguished with water, an umbrella can serve to shade against the sun.

To control even a wild elephant a staff is sufficient, while cows and donkeys can be controlled with sticks.

There are medicines for diseases and antidotes for even poisons.

There is remedy for everything in the shastras (books of knowledge), but there is no cure for foolishness.

(Transliteration: shakyO vArayithum jalEna huthabhuk CHathrENa sUryAthapO / nAgEndhrO nishithAnkushEna samadhO dhandEna gOgardhabhau / vyADHir bhESHajasangrahaishcha viviDHair manthraprayOgair viSHam / sarvasyauSHaDHamasthi shAsthravihitham mUrkhasya nAsthyauSHaDHam)


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