Three Gifts of Fortune

A son (or offspring) is one who gives happiness to his parents by his good deeds. A wife (or spouse) is one who wishes only for the good of her husband (or wife). A friend is one who is with you in times of crisis as well as joy. In this world only the fortunate get these three.

(Transliteration: yaha prINayEth sucharithaihi pitharam sa puthrO yadh bharthurEva hitham ichCHathi thath kalathram / thanmithram Apadhi sukhE cha samakriyam yadhEthadh thrayam jagathi puNyakrthO labhanthE)


One thought on “Three Gifts of Fortune

  1. Its really a great thing that some one is translating quotes from SANSKRIT.

    Already too much knowledge is lying idle in books , as unfortunately we are not having dedicated Sanskrit Scholars to translate all these….

    Thank You….

    In the Cause of Joyous and Love-filled World,

    Kandarp N Talati,

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