The Evening Heralding Krishna’s Birth

The whole world was paying homage to that evening (through Sandhyavandana) which would end with the birth of Sri Krishna. Dusk was decked in a golden dress (like Sri Krishna). By its inherent power it outshone even the brilliance of sun (Just as the sun’s brilliance dims before the Lord’s).   In fact, it appeared as though that evening was a second form of Lord Krishna Himself!  (From Vedanta Desika’s Yadavabhyudayam, Chapter 2) 

(suvarNa pIthAmbara vAsinI sA svaDHAmasanCHAdhithasUryadhIpthihi /  upAsanIya jagathAm babhAsE muradhviSHO mUrhirivadvithIya //

सुवर्णपीताम्बरवासिनी सा स्वधामसञ्छादितसूर्यदीप्तिः /उपासनीया जगतां बभासे मुरद्विषो मूर्तिरिव द्वितीया //


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