A Friend in Need?

Says one friend to another: “Hey, chataka, my dear friend, listen to me for a moment.  There are many clouds in the sky, but all of them are not the same.  Some wet the earth with rain, others just thunder purposelessly.  So, do not go around begging every cloud you see for water.” (PS: Sanskrit literature often refers to the chataka, a bird which is believed to survive only on fresh rain drops, catching them in its beak as they drop from the sky)

(rE rE chAthakA sAvaDHAnamanasaA mithrakshaNam shrUyathAm /  ambODHA bahavO santhi gaganE sarvEpi naithAdhrshI /  kEchith vrSHtibhirAdhriyanthi DHaraNIm garjanthi kEchith vrTHA /  yam yam pashyasi thasya thasya purathO mA brUhi dhInam vachaha

रे रे चातक सावधानमनसा मित्र क्षणं श्रूयतां अम्बोधा बहवो सन्ति गगने सर्वेपि नैतादृशी/

केचित् वृष्टिभिराद्रियन्ति धरणीं गर्जन्ति केचित् वृथायं यं पश्यसि तस्य तस्य पुरतो मा ब्रूहि दीनं वचः //) 


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