The Inherent Purity of Language

How can a tongue [or language] be defiled? Like a noble woman, so is language. Only uncouth people talk about their defilement.

[sarvaTHA vyavaharthavyam kuthO hyavachanIyathAyaTHA sthrINAm thaTHA vAchAm sADHuthvE durjanO janaha //

सर्वथा व्यवहर्तव्यं कुतॊ ह्यवचनीयता / यथा स्त्रीणां तथा वाचां साधुत्वॆ दुर्जनॊ जनः //]

[Note: This verse is from Bhavabhuti’s Sanskrit play, Uttararamacharitham.  Follow the link on the right to read more of the play]


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