Let Us Go Home!

The birds have returned to their homes; the sages have entered the waters [to offer their evening prayers]; the fires are burning bright wherever they have been lit; the smoke is meandering through the forest as if trying to discern the way; the distant sun too has diminished in size – he has withdrawn his rays, turned his chariot around and is now slowly entering the sunset mountain.  [Says the man-servant to Vasavadatta as he leads her away in the last verse of Act I of poet and dramatist Bhasa’s most famous play of six Acts, Svapnavasavadattam (स्वप्नवासवदत्तम्)

खगा वासॊपॆताः सलिलमवगाढॊ मुनिजनः प्रदीप्तॊ s ग्निर्भाति प्रविचरति धूमॊ मुनिवनम् /

परिभ्रष्टॊ दूराद्रविरपि च संक्षिप्तकिरणॊ रथं व्यावर्त्यासौ प्रविशति शनैरस्तशिखरम् //]

[khagA vAsOpEthAha salilamavagADO munijanaha pradhIpthOgnirbhAthi pravicharathi DHUmO munivanam / paribhraSHtO dhUrAdhravirapi cha sankshipthakiraNO raTHam vyAvarthyAsau pravishathi shanairasthashikharam //


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