Where Scholarship Cannot Survive

[In this verse, a person hints to his friend, a good scholar, that he should go away from his native place, as there is little appreciation for his skill in that kingdom]

O one who makes the whole world happy, O sandal tree, my friend, do not stay in this forest any longer.  It is full of bamboo trees, harsh and with hollow hearts.  They clash among themselves and the ensuing fire consumes not only their own selves but may even destroy the whole forest.

[lOkAnandhana chandhanadhruma sakhE nAsminvanE sTHIyathAm dhurvamshaihi paruSHairasArahrdhayairAkrAnthamEthadhvanam /  thE hyanyOnyanigharSHajAthadhahanajvAlAvalIsankulAth na svAnyEva kulAni kEvalamahO sarvam dhahEyurvanam//

लॊकानन्दन चन्दनद्रुम सखे नास्मिन्वने स्थीयतां दुर्वंशैः परुषैरसारहृदयैराक्रान्तमेतद्वनम् /  ते ह्यन्यॊन्यनिर्षजातदहनज्वालावलीसंकुलात् न स्वान्येव कुलानि केवलमहॊ सर्वं दहॆयुर्वनम् //]



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