Fruits of Reading the Ramayana

On reading these [100 verses] a scholar will get strength of speech; a warrior will become a ruler of the earth; traders will make their fortune; and the worker will get eminence.

[Note: This is the last verse of the first section of the first chapter of the Indian epic, Ramayana.  It is also the one hundredth verse.  This section is a precis of the whole epic of 24,000 verses.  It is recited by the sage Narada to Valmiki, the author of the epic.]

paTan dvijO vAgrSHabhathvam IyAth syAth kshatriyO bhUmipathithvam IyAth /  vaNigjanaha paNyaphalathvam IyAth janashcha shUdhrOpi mahathvam IyAth

पठन् द्विजॊ वागृषभत्वमीयात् स्यात् क्षत्रियो भूमिपतित्वमीयात् /

वणिग्जनः पण्यफलत्वमीयात् जनश्च शूद्रोपि महत्त्वमीयात् //



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