Whatever Will Be, Will Be

That which is protected by fate survives though it is defenceless whereas that which enjoys protection, perishes if so destined.  Abandoned in the forest, one may survive, yet die sheltered within a home. [A verse from Vishnu Sharma’s ‘Panchatantra‘]

arakSHitham thiSHTathi dhaivarakSHitham surakSHitham vinashyathi / jIvathyanATHOpi vane visarhithaha krthapratathnOpi grhE na jIvathi //

अरक्षितं तिष्ठति दैवरक्षितं सुरक्षितं दैवहतं विनश्यति / जीवत्यनाथोऽपि वने विसर्जितः कृतप्रयत्नोऽपि गृहे जीवति //



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