Ghatothkacha – As seen by Bhasa in his play, Madhyamavyayogaha

O, who on earth is this? With a head full of hair that resembles the rays of the rising sun and flaming red eyes glowering from under thick eyebrows? The thread tied around his neck is like a flash of lightning on a clouded sky and he looks like the Destroyer Himself come at cataclysm.

[For more of the play, go to KAVYANUBHAVAM link in the right margin, under Simply for the Love of Sanskrit]

bhOho kO nu khalvESHaha /

tharuNaravikaraprakIrNakEshO bhrukutiputOjjvalapingalAyathAkSHaha / sathadidhiva ghanaha sakaNTasUthrO yuganiDHanE prathimAkrthirharasya // 4//

भोः को नु खल्वेषः /

तरुणरविकरप्रकीर्णकेशो भ्रुकुटिपुटोज्ज्वलपिङ्गलायताक्षः / सतडिदिव घनः सकण्ठसूत्रो युगनिधने प्रतिमाकृतिर्हरस्य // //


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