Who is a Good Friend?

They will help you overcome bad qualities and inspire you to take the right path; they will keep your secrets but advertise your good qualities; they will not desert you when you’re in trouble and give of themselves in your time of need – such is the nature of good friends say the wise.

पापान् निवारयति योजयते हिताय गुह्यानि गूहति गुणान् प्रकटीकरोति /  आपद्गतम् च न जहाति ददाति काले सन्मित्रलक्षणमिदम् प्रवदन्ति सन्तः //

pApAn nivArayathi yOjayathE hithAya guhyAni gUhathi guNAn prakatIkarOthi /  Apadhgatham cha na jahAthi dhadhAthi kAlE sanmithralakSHaNamidham pravadhanthi santhaha //


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