Good Speech – A Hint from the ‘Panchatantra’

Some people speak words of wisdom, simply repeating the same like parrots; some others are inherently wise, but do not express themselves; there are a few whose speech sparkles, the wise words flowing eloquently from their hearts.

[Note: This quotation is from Vishnu Sharma’s ‘Panchatantra’, an ancient Indian classic on the art of winning friends and influencing people.]

एकेषां वाचि शुकवदन्येषां हृदि मूकवत् / हृदिवाचि तथान्येषां वल्गु वल्गन्ति सूक्तयः //

EkESHAm vAchi shukavadh anyESHAm hrdhi mUkavath /  hrdhivAchi thaTHAnyESHAm valgu valganthi sUkthayaha //



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