My friend, it is better to be disgraced by good people than to have as an ornament the association of bad people.  Glory comes to him who is trampled underfoot by a gallant horse [in battle] and not to the one seated animatedly on a donkey.

वरं सखे सत्पुरुषापमानितो  न नीचसंसर्गगुणैरलङ्कृतः /  वराश्वपादेन हतो विराजते न रासभस्योपरि संस्थितो नरः //

varam sakhE sathpuruSHApamAnithO na nIchasamsargaguNairalankrthaha /  varAshvapAdhEna hathO virAjathE na rAsabhasyOpari samsTHithO naraha //

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