Grow More Trees?

What is the use of raising children who are neither righteous nor prosperous?  It is better to grow a tree by the roadside where people can come and rest.

बहुभिर्बत किं जातैः पुत्रैर्धर्मार्थवर्जितैः /  वरमेकः पथि तरुर्यत्र विश्रमते जनः //  

bahubhirbatha kim jAthaihi puthrairDHarmArTHavarjithaihi /  varamEkaha paTHi tharuryathra vishramathE janaha //


 [This verse is from Upavana Vinoda, a section in Sharngadhara Padhdhathi, an encyclopaedia written by Sharngadhara in the thirteenth century.]


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