A Beautiful Couple: Dilipa and his Wife

Like the sight of the star Chitra alongside the moon at the end of winter, there was an elusive beauty that marked the couple: King Dilipa and his queen, who were passing by, dressed flawlessly.

काप्यभिख्या तयॊरासीद् व्रजतॊः शुद्धवॆषयॊः / हिमनिर्मुक्तयॊर्यॊगॆ चित्राचन्द्रमसॊरिव // 

 kApyabhikhyA thayOrAsIdh vrajathOho shudhDHavESHayOho / himanirmukthayOryOgE chithrAchandhramasOriva //

 [This is the forty-sixth verse in the first chapter of Kalidasa’s poem, Raghuvamsha.]


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