Success Assured

Fire is generated when two dry twigs are rubbed together.  Water springs forth when the earth is dug.  When there is enthusiasm, nothing is impossible to achieve.  Once you have begun a task, all efforts [enthusiastically taken] lead to fruition.

काष्ठादग्निर्जायते मथ्यमानाद्भूमिस्तोयं खन्यमाना ददाति / सोत्साहानां नास्त्यसाध्यं नराणां मार्गारब्धाः सर्वयत्नाः फलन्ति //

kASHTAdhagnirjAyathE maTHyamAnAdhbhUmisthOyam khanyamAnA dhadhAthi / sOthsAhAnAm nAsthyasADHyam narANAm mArgArabDHAha sarvayathnAha phalanthi //

[Last verse of Act I of Bhasa’s play Pratignyayaugandharaayanam]


2 thoughts on “Success Assured

    • We will surely let you know if we get information about this. And we hope you will post about it if you get to know from other sources. I also request our visitor-friends to the blog to respond to this request of ‘shaunak’ if they know of any links to Bhasa’s plays related to the Mahabharata. And, ‘shaunak’, thanks much for visiting our blog.

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