Dasharatha: The Choice of the Eternal One

There was a king, friend to the wise, a torment to his enemies, endowed with sacred knowledge, Dasharatha by name, whom, being the best by his virtues, the Eternal One chose as His own father on the pretext of benefiting the world.

आभून् नृपो विबुधसखः परंतपः श्रुतान्वितो दशरथ इत्युदाह्र्तः / गुणैर्वरं भुवनहितच्छलेन यं सनातनः पितरम् उपागमत्स्वयम् //

AbhUn nrupO vibhuDHasakhaha paranthapaha shruthAnvithO dhasharaTHa ithyudhAhrthaha / guNaivaram bhuvanahithachCHalEna yam sanAthanaha pitharam upAgamathsvayam //

[This is the first verse of Bhattikavyam, also called Ravanavadham. Translation courtesy: Bhatti’s Poem, translated by Oliver Fallon, published by the Clay Sanskrit Library, New York, 2009]


2 thoughts on “Dasharatha: The Choice of the Eternal One

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