Hail Thee, O Sarasvathi

Due to whose grace poets can see the whole Universe as if it were a gooseberry in the palm of their hands – may She, Goddess Sarasvathi, be victorious for ever.

करबदरसदृशमखिलं भुवनतलं यत्प्रसादतः कवयः / पश्यन्ति सूक्ष्ममतयः सा जयति सरस्वती देवी //

karabadharasadhrshamakhilam bhuvanathalam yathprasAdhathaha kavayaha / pashyanthi sUkSHmamathayaha sA jayathi sarasvathI dEvI //

[Invocatory verse of Subandhu’s prose work, Vasavadatta]


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