The sun grows coppery red as he rises and even as he sets; so too do the wise maintain the same temperament in prosperity and adversity.

उदेति सविता ताम्रः ताम्र एव अस्तमेति च / संपत्तौ च विपत्तौ च सतां एकैव रूपता //

udhEthi savithA thAmraha thAmra Eva asthamEthi cha / sampaththou cha vipaththou cha sathAm Ekaiva rUpathA //


2 thoughts on “Equanimity

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve had something translated from English to Sanskrit and would like to find somebody who could proofread it to make sure it is correct. I know you must be very busy but if you could just guide me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

    It is meant to say “From the muddiest waters grow the most beautiful lotuses/loti”.

    This is the translation I have been given:

    āvilatamāj jalāt sudarshanatamāḥ padmāḥ santi

    आविलतमाज्जलात्सुदर्षनतमाः पद्माः सन्ति

    I would really apprecaite it if you could help me out.

    • Thank you for visiting our blog. Instead of सन्ति using उद्भवन्ति (arise from) may be more appropriate.

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