Wither virtues?

जाड्यम् ह्रीमिति गण्यते व्रतरुचौ दम्भः शुचौ कैतवं

शूरे निर्घृणता मुनौ विमतिता दैन्यं प्रियालापिनि /

तेजस्विन्यवलिप्तता मुखरता वक्तर्यशक्तिस्स्थिरे

तत्को नाम गुणो भवेत्स गुणिनां यो दुर्जनैर्नाङ्कितः //

jADyam hrImithi gaNyathe vratharuchau dhamBHaha shuchau kaithavam

shUrE nirGrNathA munau vimathithA dhainyam priyAlApini /

thEjasvinyavalipthathA muKHarathA vaktharyashakthissTHirE

thathkO nAma guNO BHavEthsa guNinAm yO dhurjanairnAnkithaha //

In the modest, they see dumbness; in the religious, hypocrisy; in the ethical, they see deceit; in the valiant, lack of compassion;

In the ascetic they see madness; in pleasant talk, timidity.

in the brilliant, arrogance; in an orator, verbosity; In the stable, they see weakness;

Be it any trait of high acclaim, are there any that the malevolent will not see with a jaundiced eye?*

*With due acknowledgement to Dr. H. K. Ramapriyan. Please see earlier post for details


3 thoughts on “Wither virtues?

  1. The first word reminded me of Shankara’s Prasnottara Ratna Malika (Verse 9): Kim Jadyam Pathatho py anabhyasaha

    Can you tell me the verse/chapter of this shatakam from the book? Would be easy for future reference…

    • Thank you for the insight. I’m sure other visitors to the site will benefit from your comment as we have.

      The verse referred to is numbered ’53’ in Dr. Ramapriyan’s translation of Bhartrhari’s Nitishatakam.

      • I feebly and partly remember a Brtrhari verse: Na Hi Samuccharayante Vedamantraha Asamskrutaihi Janaihi.
        Can you please complete this and give an authentic translation?

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