Uttararamacharitam [contd., post 4]

नटःतेनहिनिरूपयतुराज्ञःसुपरिशुद्धाम्उपस्थानस्तोत्रपद्धतिंभावः /

ACTOR: You must demonstrate to the king the purity of your language when you pray.

nataha: thEna hi nirUpayathu rAgnyaha suparishudhDHam upasTHAnasthOthra – padhDHathim bhAvaha /


सर्वथाव्यवहर्तव्यंकुतोह्यवचनीयता / यथास्त्रीणांतथावाचांसाधुत्वेदुर्जनोजनः ////

SUTRADHARA: (Addressing the actor by his name, Marisha) Language is always pure. How can it be defiled? Only the benighted discourse about the purity of language and the purity of women.

sUtraDHAraha: mAriSHa/

sarvaTHA vyavaharthavyam kuthO hyavachanIyathA IyaTHA shrINAm thaTHA vAchAm sADHuthvE durjanO janaha // 5//

नटः –
अतिदुर्जनइतिवक्तव्यम् /

देव्याम्अपिहिवैदेह्यांसापवादोयतोजनः / रक्षोगृहस्थितिर्मूलम्अग्निशुद्धौत्वनिश्चयः ////

ACTOR: They are very cruel indeed! People suspect even our queen Vaidehi (Sita) because she remained imprisoned in Ravana’s abode. They suspect her chastity even after she was purified by fire!

nataha: athidhurjana ithi vakthavyam /

dhEvyAm api hi vaidhEhyAm spavAdhO yathO janaha I rakshOgrhasTHirmUlam agnishudhDHau thvanishchayaha // 6 //

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