Uttararamacharitam [contd., post 5]

सूत्रधारःयदिपुनरियंकिंवदन्तीमहाराजंप्रतिस्यन्देत्ततःकष्टंस्यात् /

SUTRADHARA: If this gossip reaches the king’s ears, we will be in trouble.

नटःसर्वथाऋषयोदेवताश्चश्रेयोविधास्यन्ति /


भोभोः / केदानींमहाराजः /

(आकर्ण्य) एवंजनाःकथयन्ति /

स्नेहात्सभाजयितुमेत्यदिनान्यमूनिनीत्वोत्सवेनजनकोद्यगतोविदेहान् / देव्यास्ततोविमनसःपरिसान्त्वनायधर्मासनाद्विशतिवासगृहंनरेन्द्रः ////


ACTOR: Surely, the blessings of the sages and the gods will ensure that only good things will happen…

(Walking all over the stage, looking for someone)

Oh, hey there! Where is the king?

(Cupping his ear, to listen)

The people are saying:

Janaka, who had come here for the coronation (of his son-in-law Rama), and had stayed back all these days out of affection (for his daughter Sita and her husband), has just left for Videha (his capital city). The king has gone to his palace to console Sita who is feeling sad (as her father has left) and that’s why we cannot find him on the throne.

(Exit Sutradhara and actor)

nataha: sarvaTHA rSHayO dhEvathAshcha shrEtO viDHAsyanthi I


bhO bhOho I kEdhAnIm mahArAjaha I


Evam janAha kaTHayanthi I

snEhAth sabhAjayithum Ethya dhinAnyamUni nIthvOthsavEna janakOdhya gathO vidhEhAn I DHarmAsanAdh vishathi vAsagrham narEndhraha II 7 II



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