For the best of times, and for the not so good times too…

On this New Year’s day, while our wishes are for all that is good and best, it may not be wrong to remember that there may be downsides. This verse from ‘Bhartrhari’s Nitisatakam’ is for us to draw strength, for those not so good times …

सम्पत्सु महतां चित्तं भवत्युत्पलकोमलम् /

आपत्सु च महाशैलशिलासन्घातकर्कशम् // ६५ //

sampathsu mahathAm chiththam bhavathyuthpalakOmalam /

Apathsu cha mahAshailashilAsanghAthakarkasham // 65 //

When they attain good fortune, their thoughts are mellow, marked by concern for others; when misfortune strikes, they withstand it, as strong as a rock, without succumbing to self-pity. [Such is the nature of the great]


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